Ronnie Ochieng

Machine Learning & Backend Developer. Biomedical Engineer.

Passionate about the intersection of biomedical engineering, data science, and software development. I am a forward-thinking professional with a proven track record in delivering impactful solutions across diverse sectors. As a Biomedical Engineering Student, data scientist, and seasoned software developer, I specialize in harnessing my multifaceted skill set to drive innovation and create positive change.

Featured Projects

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Swahili Speech Recognition System

Led a team of three individuals to develop a robust and efficient Swahili Speech Recognition system that can be applied across various domains, including transcription services, voice assistants, language learning applications, and more. The system was built to enhance acessibility to technology for Swahili speakers, enabling seamless interaction with digital devices through spoken language.

View Hugging Face GitHub Repository Swahili Speech Recognition

AI-powered fire detection system

I developed an AI-powered fire detection and classification system designed to detect and classify fires in real-time. The system is capable of detecting and classifying fires in images and videos. The system is powered by a deep learning model trained on the PyTorch framework using YOLOv5 architecture.

View GitHub Repository Fire detection

E-waste Detection System

I designed a system to facilitate the responsible disposal of e-waste. Users will be able to contribute their e-waste and, in return, receive points equivalent to the assessed value of the items, determined through cutting-edge computer vision techniques.

View Streamlit Application E-collect Streamlit Application

Lunar lander agent using Deep Q-Learning

I developed a Lunar lander agent using Deep Q-learning, a popular reinforcement learning algorithm. The main objective was to create an autonomous agent capable of safely landing a spacecraft on the lunar surface.

View Notebook Lunar Lander Agent

Movie Recommender System using Content-Based Filtering

I developed a movie recommender system based on content-based filtering. The recommender model recommends movies to you based on features of users and movies.

View Notebook Movie Recommender System

Movie Recommender System using Collaborative Filtering

I developed a movie recommender system based on collaborative filtering. The recommender system recommends movies to you based on the features of movies that similar users have previous rated.

View Notebook Movie Recommender System

Yatsa Data Analytics

YatsaApp is a car tracking solution that provides real-time GPS tracking and monitoring services for vehicles. The project's main aim was to provide valuable insights derived from the data gathered from the Yatsa fleet of vehicles. The insights were used to improve the company's operations and customer service.

View GitHub Yatsa Data Analytics

Zindi User Engagement Prediction

I participated in the Zindi User Engagement Prediction competition. The competition aimed at predicting the number of times a user will engage with Zindi activities. I used a Random Forest Regressor to predict the number of times a user will engage with Zindi activities.

View Notebook Zindi Colab

Image Classifier Neural Network

I developed a 3-layer convolution neural network used to classify images of capacitors, resistors, diodes and leds.

View Notebook Image Classifier


BebaPeleka project is a transformative solution aimed at tackling the issue of inadequate compensation that farmers often face when selling their produce through intermediaries. The primary objective of this project was to empower farmers by enabling them to monitor and receive fair remuneration for their agricultural efforts. I led a team of four individuals including myself in modelling data gathered from farmers' produce receipts. We developed an entity relationship diagram (ERD) and a relational database schema for the BebaPeleka database. I designed a Figma prototype for the BebaPeleka mobile application.

View Figma Prototype BebaPeleka

Work Experience

Data Analyst

Tingle Software: Yatsa

March 2023 - April 2023

As a data analyst at Tingle Software, I was responsible for analyzing data from the Yatsa fleet of vehicles, providing valuable insights that were used to improve the company's operations and customer service.

Biomedical Engineering Intern

Kenyatta National Hospital


January 2023 - March 2023

As a Biomedical Engineering Intern at Kenyatta National Hospital, I was responsible for repairing and maintaining various medical equipment such as baby incubators, dialysis machines, ultrasound, suction machines, and ventilators. This involved using my knowledge of engineering principles and medical technology to diagnose problems with the equipment, perform necessary repairs, and ensure that the equipment was operating at optimal levels.


Kenyatta University.

Biomedical Engineering

4th Year Biomedical Engineering Student


KamiLimu Mentee

KamiLimu is a non-profit organization whose mission is to upskill tertiary-level tech students with competencies in personal and professional development, industry-relevant ICT skills, innovation, scholarship, and community engagement, in an effort to nurture employability, enhance student learning outcomes, and increase global competitiveness.


Jan 2024

Completed AI for Medical Diagnosis course offered by DeepLearning.AI


Sep 2023

Completed Image Super Resolution using Autoencoders in Keras course offered by Coursera Project Network.


July 2023

Completed Unsupervised learning, recommender systems, and reinforcement learning course in the Machine Learning Specialization course offered by DeepLearning.AI

October 2022

Completed Supervised Machine Learning: regression and classification Course in the machine learning specialization course offered by DeepLearning.AI

Goethe Institut

I learnt Deutsch language right from the beginners level A1 to A2. I have an elementary understanding of the German language and culture.